Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Falling in Love

It was really hard in class to describe falling in love because there is aspect of choice in it but I think you fall in love first and then the choice to be commited plays into it. When I met my husband it felt like "coming home" which is a weird way to put it. I had spent so much time liking guys that I had nothing in common with and trying to change myself to fit into who they were and their life plans. I remember when I met him, I felt like a child again because I felt I was completley myself and through dating him, I continued to be more of myself.  I got all of the giddy feelings:  I couldn't sleep, I actually ate more because I was so happy (I seriously gained 20 pounds), and I felt like I was so full of joy I would burst. Where the choice comes in is those "new" falling in love feelings go away and aren't always there. I feel like I choose to be committed to my husband by always making our relationship my top priority. We are very much our own people and have our own things we like to do but by making our relationship the top priority it has kept our marriage in a good place. I am constantly surprised because I continue to feel those "falling in love" feelings. It is not every day or every week but it comes back but even without those feelings always there, I have never felt closer to my husband or more in love. The love we share now is deeper and is so secure. We actaully were talking about when we fell in love the other day and how as much fun as it was, we are so happy we are where we are now because we feel it is so much of a deeper love and that we can honestly say we are each other's best friends.

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