Thursday, March 3, 2016

First week of March

This week was very interesting to me because I never thought about how many detailed steps there really are within opinions of society to being a different sexual orientation that what's the norm. I can't imagine how difficult it is to "come out" to others and I am excited to hear about the experiences our panel has encountered! I thought the comment that one classmate had yesterday was very on point, when she said something along the lines of how when guys are bisexual, society often looks at that as they are too scared to come out as completely gay. And when girls are bisexual they are actually just going through a phase or or experimenting and it is praised in a way by guys. I never thought about this before but I can totally see how that is true! I saw on the slides that at one time, homosexuality was actually labeled as a mental disorder, and that really shocked me. I can't believe they labeled it that way because that has SUCH a negative connotation to it! Wow!

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