Sunday, March 6, 2016

I Can't Believe I Forgot :(

SOOOO it is about 11:00pm on Sunday and I am sitting here making flashcards for the test on Wednesday and a thought crosses my mind... "YOU FORGOT TO POST YOUR BLOG!!!!!)

This has been a crazy week!!!

I have found last week (in general) very interesting.  Not only did we have the talk today about sexual orientation, but we also had someone come into another class and talk about LGBTQIA as well.  It was very interesting to hear from someone who has transitioned to a man and being able to ask questions and learn more. 

Having sexual conversations was a very intriguing thing we talked about this week.  I am trying to come up with different ways to talk about things with my partner, but sometime soon we are going to try to have a talk about things.  I have kind of eased into it by asking certain things here and there.  I found out that I am not a fan of hearing about past sexual experiences of my partner, which when I really think about it is stupid because I have had my own sexual experiences, but I guess that is where the jealousy comes in.  I hate admitting to any type of jealousy that I might feel because I think it is super petty.  Not sure if I can really say that I found this out.  Deep down, I think I have way too much pride to say that I am jealous.  It was very weird for me though.

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