Friday, March 11, 2016

I have "no chill"

While at work today my co-worker/friend was complaining about something at work, she said "this is sooo gaaayy", our mutual friend that is also homosexual looked up then down real quick as I caught his eye.  I didn't say anything at first but thought what the hell.  I asked her if she thought that using the word gay to express she was frustrated might have offended our friend.  She didn't think so and said I had "no chill".  I know her well and know she didn't mean to actually make our friend feel uncomfortable. I asked him later what he thought about it and he said that he doesn't say anything usually because it is such a common thing.  He said that it makes him feel isolated and decides not to join in on the conversation.  I don't know maybe I over stepped my bounds he didn't seem really upset. I felt kinda like the outsider for approaching them both.  Hopefully my friend might think more about using the word or at least be aware of the issue.   

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