Tuesday, March 1, 2016

If These Walls Could Talk | Clothes don't have a gender.

I really enjoyed the movie.

I was confused about the second part of the movie. the 70's college feminists and the tomboy lover.

I had a discussion about the movie with another one of my gay friends and we went over how some early feminist perspectives may have been skewed. 
With the perspective of, if you dress like a man, then you're not helping the female rights movement. Or that if you dress like a man, you're sending giving a misogyny power.

The girl she met at the bar was not dressed as a boy. She was dressed how she felt comfortable. She even said that in a line.

I think it's silly that the younger girl's friend ridiculed the couple. It was really upsetting to see them shame her and force her into a blouse.

Sometimes I have a similar argument with my mom. She frowns upon me wearing wearing mens clothes, as I often do. Because most men's shirts are softer. I just feel more comfortable.

When it comes down to it, putting a gender on clothes sounds stupid. 

"Oh, those are 'boy' pants." 
What if we gendered all objects? 
"That pencil is a 'girl' pencil, you can't use that dude."
It's dumb.

There was been a huge movement towards gender-neutral clothing.
There will even be a whole fashion show in Austin during SXSW fro SXStyle.
There's two brands I can think off immediately: Stuzo Clothing and dapperQ.

I also really admire one of my good friends who has a 4 year old daughter. When they go shopping, she walks her daughter up and down both the 'boys' section AND the 'girls' section.

Progression will continue. Until then, I'll probably never wear Vans again, since only the men's styles appeal to me but the smallest they run converted to women's show size is an 8 -.-

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