Friday, March 25, 2016

STI blog

I thought it was so interesting hearing all the statistics about STIs. I didn't realize just exactly how prevalent some of them are. I think that there is a huge stigma attached to having any STI and that tends to perpetuate the problem because people are embarrassed to inform their sexual partners that they have one. Not that that's an excuse! The year after I lost my virginity I was told that I had HPV. I knew I must have contracted it from my partner because I had only had one partner! I wasn't upset at him because I know that he didn't know and had been tested for other STIs but not HPV. For other reasons we broke up, and then got back together 3 years later. He still swears to this day that I must have contracted it after we broke up. He just can't accept the fact that he had/has an STI. He has told me that when I "accuse" him of it it makes him feel dirty. I think his feelings go back to the stigma that is attached to STIs which is unfortunate. He is a good guy and he shouldn't have to feel dirty for having something that a huge chunk of the population has. Anyway that is my experience / opinion about STIs.

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