Tuesday, March 8, 2016

LGBA Panel

I was really happy to hear the different stories each of the people in the panel brought to class! I have never really thought about femme lesbians before, not that I didn't know what they were, but that I just never really put into perspective that yeah, there are some biases against them among the community itself as well as from others in their lives. I also was really happy that there were two bisexual people, but with two totally different stories. I appreciated that they both were there because it showed how no person is alike despite the fact that they identify as the same thing, and it really showed how fluid love and sexuality can really be! Marisa and Candice (I am SO sorry if I spelled your names wrong if you see this!) kind of give me hope too that I can find someone someday, as well as Travis who said he was engaged. Even if M and C are lesbians, I still felt like seeing them was sort of reassuring that I could find someone that will want to be with me like how they are even if I identify as a bisexual.

I also really REALLY appreciated them talking openly about coming out and how some of them still are sort of closeted because I too am struggling with issues with my family about being more open to them, so seeing others kind of going through similar things really made me feel more at ease with myself and the situation I'm in. I'm more open about who I am at school, but even then I don't really go out of my way to express it either, but for the most part friends know. Some members in my family kind of know but refuse to acknowledge it, but others I know if they knew I would be alienated from them. But yeah, hearing all of them talk about similar issues was so comforting to me! 

also this is like a protip for using these blogs if you want to keep track of your posts if you forget if you've posted on or not like me, but if you add a label on the side when you're writing (on a computer) under post settings, you can make it your username or whatever, you can keep track of all your entries without having to dig through everyone else's..... food for thought....

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