Thursday, March 31, 2016

MW 2:00

This week was very interesting. Starting off with Monday and the conversation that got a little intense for a second. I think some people found it a little rude but I'm sure more people were thinking it. And this is why we are in this class. There is lots of things that we are confused about or don't know about regarding gender, identities, sex and other things. Hopefully by taking this class and becoming informed we don't go out into the world and make offensive comments. 

The panel was very informative. I liked how Filipa (I know it's probably badly spelled sorry!) would take the time to define a new word someone threw out there. He talked about his personal experiences and also taught us a few things. Jami was so full of experience and so funny. She was really straightforward and I liked that. I liked that DJ and Beau (again sorry if its misspelled) were opposites if you can put it that way. Beau identifying with neither gender and DJ with both. Both of their stories reminded me of Baby X. In the story everyone is so worried about what is "inbetween the legs" and it must be hard to explain to people that you are neither or both or sometimes one and sometimes the other. We constantly preach "The only thing that matters is what is on the inside" but we can't seem to put that in place with gender. 

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