Friday, March 11, 2016

Panel # 2 blog

   Thus far I have really enjoyed both of the panels we have had. I can't say I like one more than the other, because they were both great in there own ways. I feel I slightly had more knowledge about the topic going into this panel versus the first one, but I definitely benefited from and enjoyed hearing these ladies and the guys first hand stories and experiences. I think more than anything it is vital to spread what their closing messages were with as many people as possible. There is still such a lack of understanding towards being gay, bisexual, pan sexual etc, and I feel slot of people are insensitive and unwilling to be open minded. From the stories that were shared, a few of the panalest had negative experiences with coming out or being who they are and it absolutely breaks my heart. There ending message was to be accepting of everyone, and I couldn't agree more. You never know what a single individual is going through and for people to bully or threaten someone based on who they have chosen to love is terrible, and although there are strides being taken to try and normalize this, we as a society still have such a long way to go. These personal accounts that were shared in this panel really help people get a first hand view on how no matter your sexual orientation, we are all still bleeding, breathing human beings. And every single person deserves the  right of being treated as such. I just hope more of these panels can happen in other classes and other settings to further the understanding and to eliminate the negative stereotypes some uneducated people carry with them today.

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