Friday, March 11, 2016

Panel # 2

I really enjoyed the panel this week. I liked how open and carefree Candace was about her experience and how she sort of stopped giving, excuse my language, a damn about what other people thought about her. It made me especially happy to see how great of a relationship she had with Marissa. They were the cutest! I really enjoyed hearing the panelist stories and life experiences because everyone was so different. I was so sad to hear that lulu is afraid of coming out to her parents for the fear that she will actually be hurt. I mean that's just sad that people still have to live in that sort of secrecy even in this day and age. Reading the previous blogs it seems that a lot of people wanted panelist that were older but i was just glad to see that my generation has become more open in the expression of their sexual identity. I am looking forward to the other panel! Also happy spring break everyone! :)  

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