Friday, March 11, 2016

Panel #2

I thought that Merissa and Candice were such a cute couple! Before the whole panel introduced themselves it was obvious to me that they were in a relationship, and was even happier when they shared they recently got married! I did not get to ask how their wedding was like since they did mention it was a "Mexican wedding". I think it is really cool that their families were totally open to a lesbian hispanic traditional marriage. I recall Merissa talking about how it is really hard for a strict Catholic hispanic family to understand LGBT because of culture and religion. It is honestly irritating even as a heterosexual that even my own family does not understand LGBT because of my Catholic hispanic culture. However, I totally feel for Merissa she is a strong woman and should keep having her head held high and just be herself and not care what anybody thinks and just stay happy:)
The rest of the panel was really young which I liked because I got to know their coming out stories. I love that they are feeling comfortable because it takes a lot of courage to talk to a class of over 60 people about your sexual orientation. So much respect for everybody and I hope for the best  :)

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