Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Panel and Abortion

The panel was great this week.  I appreciate everyone taking their time to come out and talk to the class over, but they seemed very confident and secure with themselves.

Today, we talked about the immaturity in some of the panel.  I agree with this.  I understand they they are just figuring out sexuality for themselves and they are on the road to discover more about their sexual selves (or they have been on there for a while... not too sure) but there was definitely some major immaturity in the younger speakers.  I think just the way that they carried themselves and talk about their experiences.  Having been a freshman in college years ago, I know what kind of immaturity comes with that.  I thought I knew everything at that point in time, but dang was I wrong! I think it would be very interesting to have the same group (or at least the younger panelists) come back in a few years and see what they have to say then.  Right now every this so new and it is so easy to be rebellious the first time that you are away from home.  I would like to hear how they present themselves and how they talk about their sexual orientation in a few years after further experiences an development.

Candace and Marissa know what's up.   It seemed to me that they had more experience and had a little bit more to tell about than the other panelists. They are such a cute couple and I loved how Candace referred to Marissa as a gentleman.  I wonder if that is something that Marissa likes being referred to, but I personally thought it was very sweet.  If y'all read this... Congratulations on your marriage!

And about the rest of the content.... I did not know that there were so many ways to get an abortion!  I thought there was just a pill or surgery.  While I was making flashcards for the exam, there was one type of abortion that made me cringe.  I don't remember exactly which one it was because I do not have my book in front of me (I think it was the latest abortion), but it mentioned going in a crushing the baby's skull so it could be passed thought the birth canal.  My A&P professor from a few years ago was a surgeon and he actually mentioned that this was something that he had to do one time.  I think it might be one of the saddest things that I have ever heard.  Going in and crushing the baby's skull.... let that sink in for a second.  It is bone chilling.  That was something that stuck with me from my A&P class and was just brought up again when reading the book.

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