Monday, March 7, 2016

Panel day :)

I LOVED Marisa and Candice on the panel today. They are an adorable couple and I really enjoyed hearing the story of how they met, built a friendship, and ended up together after all those years in between. Lol after all I am hopeless romantic. I related so well to their story as I come from a pretty conservative Hispanic family as well so a lot of the time I was sitting there like, "yup I could so imagine my family acting the same way..." Lol. I really appreciated how open each panelist was in answering all of our questions. I was glad that the panelists brought up the issue of safety concerning "coming out." I've honestly never really thought about it in that perspective, but I'm glad that I am now aware so that I can have that much more understanding of issues in the community. I thought it was very interesting to hear the panelists' answers to the question of jealousy. One of my friends actually had that issue with an ex-boyfriend as she was bisexual. He was extremely jealous and wouldn't like for her to interact with other women...hence, why he is now an ex! Overall, I enjoyed each and every panelist and their story. It was a great experience that I will never forget.

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