Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Panel on Wednesday

I think today's panel was really great! I liked how we still had individuals who are sort of in similar stages in life like most of us, but we also had an older individual because I think it gave a really good contrast in how an older generation and the younger generation stands on similar points relating to transgender issues. I felt a little bit like some of the younger ones had more closer ties to gender and sexuality labels, while Jami gave us that really nice explanation about why she does not like the term "lesbian." I think it was really insightful and having four different genders up there put it into perspective of how fluid a person's identity can be.

It also made me more comfortable to know that Filipa (i'm soooo sorry if i spelt your name wrong!) was asexual because as someone who kind of identifies as one, it was really nice to know that someone else feels that way. The way he described how he says, "wow you'd be a person I would really want to date/kiss" instead of saying what some people say like, "man I wanna have sex with that person" is kind of how I feel. I know we didn't get an asexual person in our previous panel, so it was really neat to see someone who was both asexual and transgender.

Beau and DJ were both really cool individuals, even though I am cis gender, I can sort of understand their feeling about clothing. I really feel like clothing shouldn't be gendered as much, and it should really be up to what is most comfortable to you. I really want to see the dresses that DJ said they were going to wear/buy next month!

Overall I think all of them were really interesting and entertaining individuals, some of their responses were really funny and that kept me really engaged into what they were talking about.

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