Thursday, March 31, 2016

Panel Transgénero

This was an interesting week.  I learned a lot more about the T community.

I really thought it was interesting when Beau (not sure if I spelled that correctly) mentioned that she is taking Spanish.  Every adjective in that language is either masculine or feminine, so to not recognize as either (just as a person) is a very interesting aspect.  I have never thought about how that would be done in other languages.  In the US and in the English language, you can use gender neutral pronouns and words, but that is not the case for all languages.

I wonder what other languages are like that and how the treat that in their cultures.

This leads me to think about TX State's Spanish department.  Since TX State is LBGT friendly, why don't they include those types of things in introductory courses (like Spanish 101)?  I don't understand adding the X at the end of the word.  Is it because not many professors or Spanish speakers use it?  Is that something that should be changed?

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