Sunday, March 13, 2016


I had mixed feelings about the panel that spoke with us on Monday.  Although I respected all of their life choices, I felt as though I would have gained more from the experience had the majority of the panel been older.  It almost seemed as though they were mocking themselves which made me oddly uncomfortable, especially because there were two experienced married women on the panel next to them.  I applaud them all for being so open and honest about their lives though, I know that must have taken a lot courage to do.  When Marical discussed the verbal and physical abuse she had experienced on multiple occasions, my heart felt heavy for her.  I could tell she was a genuine, kind, selfless, woman after only an hour and twenty could others be so cruel to her for being her self and loving her partner?  I hope that all of the panelists are able to one day, without fear, be their true authentic selves.

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