Thursday, March 31, 2016


I found this panel to be very interesting once I started hearing their stories and who they are. I was very surprised to find out that Jami is still married to her wife, even after her switch. An event that big I feel like would cause a lot of distress in a marriage, but I guess their relationship was strong enough to go through anything. I think it is cool how she is so comfortable in her own skin and really does not care one bit about what people think of her or her choices that she has made throughout her lifetime. I also found Filipa (sorry if I spelled this wrong) to be very interesting. I really had no idea that he used to be a girl until he told his story of going to church and that he did not want to wear a dress. I was kind of shocked of how he did not look like a girl at all.He seemed very cool and even though he was younger and still in college, he seemed very content with who he is and his transition into being a guy. When he said he was asexual, I found that to be very interesting. Honestly I had no idea that someone could even label themselves like that. For humans, it seems like the natural process is to have sex and reproduce so I found Asexual a very interesting topic. It just seems weird to me for a person to just want to kiss somebody and that is it. I am glad this panel came and spoke to us because it definitely opened my eyes to transgender people and loved hearing their view of their own lives.

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