Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I really enjoyed the panel yesterday. It gave me real life insight of the LBGQA community. Marisa and her wife were adorable! I'm a hopeless romantic and such a sucker for love stories no matter what gender couples are. As each of them were telling their stories I found myself starting to get a little emotional but in a good way. I felt empathy when they talked about their struggles of coming out and the discriminations they face. I've always tolerated the LBG community but hearing them talk about their lives it has opened my view more. I have several close cousins who are gay and of course I love them and don't look at them any different, but for those who weren't in my family, I'm not as loving and open to them. I realize after yesterday the struggles they face in their everyday lives and the huge risk they take coming out to their families. I have a new level of respect for everyone that's apart of the LBGT community.

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