Wednesday, March 9, 2016


It was very interesting to hear what the 5 different people had to say about themselves and about their each personal stories. I thought that each of their perspective was pretty unique and each person had advice and wisdom that they wanted us to take away from the panel that was a little different from the other person. I was very intrigued by the married couple, because they seemed so happy and content with their lives. By the end of the class I just wanted those 2 people to just keep talking and talking and asking them questions, because I was so amazed at what they said. They seemed so happy with their marriage and the way everything worked out in the end. Lulu's story was very happy and sad at the same time too. I can not even imagine being scared of my parents like she is of hers. I really hope someday they allow her to feel like she is in a safe place to come out and tell her parents who she really is.

Overall this panel made me stop and think for a moment about all the unique individuals in this world. I may not have to agree with their choices, but I do need to show everybody respect and kindness. I feel like unique individuals make the world go around and help make it more of an interesting place, so who am I to judge them? This panel was very eye opening to me and let me see that their are just ordinary people who all have lives and hearts. This was my favorite panel yet!

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