Friday, March 4, 2016

Reactions to Play parties and munches

I was a bit disappointed in a few people reactions to Professor Stone bringing up the option of munches and play parties as part of our project. It's perfectly fine to feel uneasy and uncomfortable about something new that you don't understand. However when I hear things like "Ew, no thanks" or "That's so weird" I find it upsetting. There are people in the world like me who actually live that lifestyle, who go to play parties and munches. Who live in Dominant/submissive relationships. Many of them are perfectly average people in everyday life that you wouldn't expect to live a BDSM lifestyle. When we hear things like that, it feels as though we are being told their is something wrong with us and that the way we live our lives is gross. It makes it hard to open up and come out of the closet about our lifestyle. It feels unsafe.
I'm sure no one meant any disrespect but the next time you hear something about kinky lifestyles (or any other lifestyle for that matter) in class, remember that you might actually be next to someone who lives that lifestyle. Before reacting negatively maybe think critically about how you feel and why or ask questions.

If anyone has any questions about BDSM lifestyles or munches and play parties, feel free to comment.
Okay, rant over thanks for reading!


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