Friday, March 4, 2016

scatter brain blog

Kind of a scatter brain blog because I forgot to blog last week and I missed class on Wednesday. I know shame on me.

Anyways LOVED the movie! The first story seriously broke my heart and it is so sad to think that it’s been 60 years and issues like spousal rights for the LBGTQ (etc.) is still an issue in our community. I cannot imagine sharing a life with someone and then being treated as if you are not family in a crisis or tragic situation. PS I HATED the wife of the nephew in the movie (great acting on her part).

OK also something personal I thought was cool. I just started the pill and I am currently in a heterosexual monogamous relationship.  Anyways, my boyfriend decided to set an alarm on his phone in the morning and gives me my pill. Its pretty early (7am) and we live together so we are always together at that time. Anyways it feels really good for the responsibility to be shared.

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