Thursday, March 10, 2016

Second Panel

I really loved the panel and hearing their stories about coming out, when they realized they were lesbian/bi/pansexual and even cute stories like how they met. Marissa's story reminded me of something I did when I was a little girl. When I was little in the apartment complex I lived at there was this woman that dressed in "manly" clothes and had short hair much like Marissa. When I would see her I would quietly tell my mom "Look it's the girl that wants to be a man" obviously at 4 years I did not understand that just because a girl did not wear dresses it did not mean that she wanted to be a boy. My mom would tell me that it was not nice to say that and that it didn't mean that she was trying to be a man, that maybe she just preferred to dress that way. Once I understood that, I would be very upset at myself everytime my mom would tell the story of my naïve little self. I really hope that all mothers are like mine and they teach their kids to no judge someone so easily or assume things based on looks. 

I'm a little dissapointed that a lot of people are saying that the younger panelists were immature or inexperienced just because they have not been gay for long (as in they recently accepted to themselves that they are) or have not had as much sexual experience with someone of their same sex. If a heterosexual at 19 years has had one or two boyfriend/girlfriends or little to no sexual contact would someone say they are immature or inexperienced? No, people would say they are saving themselves or they are waiting for the right person. Just because the panelists did not have much experience with someone of their same sex does not mean they are an inexperienced gay. They also should not be called immature if it's their first time on a panel. I'm sure it's a scary experience to answer questions about their sexuality when they are still trying to answer those questions themselves. 

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