Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sex, Chocolate, & STI's

This week was interesting finding out how most STI's do not have symptoms so you can be carrying it but not know about it. STI's as we learned in class can cause a lot of problems if not treated in time so I think that people should be much  more aware and get tested if they feel like something may be wrong or they may be carrying it because of somebody that may have been carrying it.
The activities that we did today were very fun, everybody is different in the way they experience orgasm or how they feel about it but yet many of us were similar in the way we felt about sex. When Ms. Stone was reading the note cards aloud many of the words how we discussed were repeated because sex makes everybody feel some sort of way, some people may experience differently because of maybe their partner but a lot of times it will feel the same for everybody. I think it is also different how people express it, somebody may express it as fun but for somebody else that is not fun for them.

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