Thursday, March 24, 2016

STD lecture

This week's lecture was something that I found extremely interesting. In fact, it was even more interesting due to the fact my friend just noticed some bumps on himself, and we we're just discussing what they could be.

On the other hand however, I was also very surprised with how many people opened up about their own health issues, and their experiences with the student health center. I was so relieved to hear that everyone had issues with them, because I'm here to tell you about some of my own.

For example:
I have PCOS and a very bad hormone imbalance. Sometimes I get infections and since I've been in college I no longer have the luxury of visiting my home doctor. Therefore, being cheap and convenient I made my way to the student health center.

My first visit wasn't very fun. I had a new doctor learn the in's and out's of my vagina, I had her poking around in uncomfortable places, and try to convince me that I needed an HPV test because you never know what you could have, even though it was around $40 and I knew I was clean. Whatever. I got the medication I needed after long conversations and lectures about how my boyfriend probably wasn't being honest and sleeping around with other people and I probably was going to get like, so many STD's bc I was a dumb freshman.

I hate the student health center, more than any other place. 

I feel bad for my friend as he is currently in the mind set of never getting to take the road back to pound town because of his bumps. But this class lecture has given me a little more insight, and we're getting it taken care of. 

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