Thursday, March 24, 2016

STI's and Orgasms

I found this weeks lectures to be very interesting. I've always been aware of the different kinds of STI's but the lecture put everything in better perspective and made things a little clearer. Often times in Sex Ed classes, you're just shown horrible pictures that are supposed to scare you into not having sex but they hardly ever tell you that most STI's start out as asymptomatic. Because of the lack of accuracy in Sex Ed classes, I feel that is the main reason why people don't get tested. They don't immediately see the rash/bumps/warts so they assume that they must not have it because it doesn't look like the pictures they were shown. I actually really enjoyed yesterday's lecture about orgasms. I thought the activity was really interesting because it helped us open up as classmates to one another while still being able to have some fun with it. I really like that this class seems so open in explaining whatever anybody has a question about. There are so many people that are uneducated about sex and STI's that often avoid asking questions and end up putting themselves in difficult situations. I also just want to give a shout out to the people that shared their personal experiences with sex and STI's in class. I admire your bravery!

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