Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I knew what STIs were, but I had no idea that the typical symptom of them is to have no symptoms. I just thought once you contracted a sexual transmitted infection you just knew right then and there that you had one. Since this is the case, in my opinion, I think that everyone that has had sex go and get tested to figure out if you have a STI or not. I also had no idea that HIV and AIDS were not the same thing because I have grown up hearing those words used interchangeably. That makes me feel pretty alarmed that I did not know this until I took this sexuality class because most people do not take this class, therefore will probably never know the different between HIV and AIDS. I feel like everybody should be more informed about STIs so that we, as a nation, can lower the number of 19 million new cases every year. I also feel like people should understand that they might possibly have a STI even though they do not have any symptoms and do not be ignorant about it. People need to know that they even though they have no symptoms, they could still pass on that STI to their partner who might show symptoms and cause pain. Definitely a topic that everybody should be informed about.

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