Friday, March 4, 2016

Story from Wednesday

I was rather shocked about the story that was told in class on Wednesday. I had honestly never thought about it that way or in that much detail before. I am straight so because of this I have never noticed how so many tv shows, songs, billboard ads, etc. emphasize straight love so much. It just seemed normal to me because that is the kind of love that I look for. I never had to think about how difficult it would be having to grow up with brothers, sisters, parents, friends, teachers that were all different from me when it came to something that I had no control over. I visualized having to try to conform and having to force myself to be in a relationship with a woman and how difficult and uncomfortable that would make me when all I really wanted was a man. I thought about how difficult it would have felt to tell my friends and family that they could not push another woman onto me because no matter what they said or what they did I'm always going to want men and I'm always going to be attracted to men, that's just the way I am and no one can change it. So it goes to prove that just the way you can't "turn" a person straight you can't turn them gay either no matter how hard you try. This story really opened my eyes because personally I don't know a lot of gay people so I never really understood the things that they have to endure and struggle with on a day to day basis just to be who they are. This story gave me a new respect for the gay community and how it could be easy for so many of them to feel alone and feel like they had/have nowhere to turn for support and I think that's really sad. I think this was a great story and it should be read to a lot more people to open their eyes about so many different things.

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