Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This week's classes

It was kind of interesting to hear how different everyone viewed orgasms, mainly because it's not really something that I tend to think much about. There were so many words and some of them were so different than what I was imaging which I guess it's really neat having a class as big as ours to get so many different viewpoints in something as simple as writing down three words on a card. (btw the word cloud kind of looks like a fish with its mouth open to me...) Class on Monday was really interesting too! I think it's nice that people are trying to move from calling them STD's to STI's because I think the notion of disease versus infection makes the whole issue a little bit better to talk about to others, because disease has such a greater negative relation to me than infection does. While STI's are still not something good to get, I think people get too afraid to talk about it more when others refer to it as an STD. I knew some of the information before we talked about STI's but I honestly have never heard about the whole Bobcat Bumps myth! Overall I think it's really important that people are open about STI's because it's really awful to not disclose that sort of information to their partners and to not take protective measures so that they don't spread those infections.

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