Friday, March 4, 2016

Thoughts on this week...

      There was actually a video I wanted to post but I see that someone already posted it so I don't want to duplicate. It's a short film on YouTube about a world where being gay is the norm and a heterosexual girl struggles with her identity and bullying. It's a pretty moving film and I admit that I shed a tear or two the first time I watched it, and it's pretty hard to make me cry. I think it's pretty easy to say "Oh yeah, I empathize with how gay people must feel, it really sucks" but you can never know unless you experience what they go through first hand. And as straight people in a world that caters and even enforces being heterosexual, you'll never actually know what it's like to walk in their shoes. That's why I really liked the YouTube video, because it actually showed you the first hand experience of what a gay person must go through, while putting it in a way that heterosexual people can relate to.

The video was posted a few posts below my by "Seemin Momin" just FYI. Would definitely recommend watching it.

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