Friday, March 4, 2016

"Times I've been Mistaken for a Girl"

So with the discussion of gays and genders this week, it really reminded me of this button poetry video I saw awhile ago, and I encourage everyone to watch it. It really gets you thinking about the gender stereotypes, and how a lot of people associate girly-ness with how gay you are. The discussion we had about being supportive and advocating is so true, and it's important to not just be tolerant, but to actually embrace everyone for who they are, and not stigmatize it as well.
I feel like from elementary school, to now, I still see a lot of ignorance, and still hear and see people say, "that's so gay" or "man up". I guess I figured as we got older, the less prevalent it would be, but I was extremely wrong. I definitely believe that people should stand up more to those who choose their adjectives improperly, and correct the people that think it's okay to use certain terms in a derogatory way, especially when the word may be part of someone's identity and who they are.

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