Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Today's panel

I thought the panel today was really fun and informational. I really liked everyone who was up also. I thought Jami was really fun and she seemed so cool and funny and I loved the way she looked at a lot of the issues she had to go through and some of the things that she said about her children and family and I thought it was great how they all just seemed to accept her. I also really loved DJ! I loved how for just about every response he said "personally I don't really care" it made me laugh because I just thought it was so cool how laid-back and chill he was with issues that concern him/her. I kind of got the vibe from Beau that they didn't really have a lot to share or didn't want to share a lot of things. I also thought Filipa was pretty cool too and how he "finger-gunned" his way out of uncomfortable situations!

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