Friday, March 11, 2016

What if your parents didn't go to your wedding?

I have seen and heard so many heart-aching stories of hate towards the gay community this week than I have in awhile.

It's interesting when my class studies and my social life start colliding with the same subjects. 

I'm a lesbian. My parents have been overall loving. They continue to nurture and take care of me, they've met my past girlfriend, and have never disrupted my life negatively. 
All though they accept me, they do not support me. I don't even know if I can say they fully accept me as their religious views shadow the light of their love.

They read the bible very black and white without acknowledging the concept that the Bible was written in a time of slavery, concubines, and women as property being normal. 

The comment that hurts my heart the most is when my mom says, "If you marry a woman, we're not coming to your wedding."

I've always hoped that they would have a change of heart when that time comes.

Hearing Candace say that her father declined to give her away, it made my hope diminish. 

I talked to her after class where she told me that although he did not give her away, he did indeed attend the wedding. 

She also reminded me of how the lgbt community is a family. 

Later this week, my friend Jackie shared this on facebook with this letter.

It realigned my fears and hurt that my parents wouldn't attend my future wedding.

I plan to share the Huffington post letter with my mom and talk to her about it. 

I know I shouldn't worry too much right now, because I'm no where class to an engagement but can you imagine your parents not there?

It's a scary thought, and I hope things change. 

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