Friday, April 15, 2016

2 more to go!!

I keep forgetting to do these until the last minute. I set an alarm on my phone starting at midnight the night before, to noon day of, and then a couple hours before and yet, here I am trying to think of a topic to write about! I know these blogs are supposed to be just "write whatever you want about class" but I feel like it would be easier to type something up if we had a certain topic or just a "if you want to blog about this, you can" sort of thing. I don't know, that's just my suggestion if Professor Stone decides to keep this activity.

So, we finally got our grades back and I'm excited because I think I won't have to take the final! ("I think" because I'm still unsure how to calculate my average with all the percentages and stuff) Although I love taking exams....... (lol) I'm relieved it's one less I have to take. With that being said, I'm really kind of bummed that it's getting so close to the end of the semester. We have 4 lectures left and that's it!!! :( It's been, by far, the most intriguing class I've had to take at Texas State. I have already recommended one of my friends to take this class specifically with Professor Stone because she is clearly the obviously reason that this class was so enjoyable.

Also I think this is the most I've written for a blog.... oops haha

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