Friday, April 22, 2016

Almost done!

I'm actually really sad this class is almost over. I've learned so much and I wish I could learn even more. This class makes me want to become certified as a sexual educator so that I could teach a sex education class in high schools. We're also learning great skills in how to accept and respect diversity which I love. Anywho I actually want to say sorry to Ms. Stone for being terrible about remembering to write my blog and often not attending class. Please know that I really have enjoyed your class, despite not being the best student. As for the panel this week I'm bummed I missed it. I think it's good to include violence when talking about sex education because it is a very real factor in relationships. I have been in a couple unhealthy relationship, intament and just friends, and it's something people need to be aware of and see the signs of. 

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