Friday, April 8, 2016

atyp panel & exam

I am nooot ready for the exam, well I'm nervous about it. I wish everyone good luck and hope everyone does well. I will def be studying all weekend.

This weeks panel summed up in one word is interesting. This class has really opened my eyes and mind to things I had no clue about. It was interesting to hear people's preferences in lifestyles, and even more brave of them to talk in front of people and share that part of their lives about them. I can't say that I would engage in any of those things, but hey that's just me and not what I'm in to. I brought my boyfriend to the panel and he was amazed that that's the kind of stuff we discuss in class. He had some negative feedback, but I kind of redirected him and told him that the panelist aren't trying to force their lifestyles on us or solicit it to us they're just informing us about what it is and help us not be so judgmental. After a little more explaining he gained an understanding.

What I got from the panelist, that may have come off persuasive to my boyfriend, is don't knock it until you try it lol.

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