Sunday, April 24, 2016

Be aware

This panel was by far the hardest. I am a victim of abuse. Physical mental and emotional. I have been taking classes at the Hays-Caldwell Women's Center and it's the best thing I ever could've done for myself. I had no idea how bad my abusive relationship was until these classes. I would think "oh he's just drunk" or "he just pushed me once" until it got extremely out of hand and the cops got involved. I  was referred to this center to take these classes because I had to in order to drop charges on my boyfriend. NOT because I wanted to.  I didn't think I would learn anything or that it would help....boy was I wrong. I learned so much from these classes and I wanted to share with you what my teacher shared with me. There are three types of abuse, mental physical and emotional. Guess which is worse??? EMOTIONAL. I would have never thought that, most people would guess physical. Emotional abuse is the worse kind because you can't see it. You can't call the cops because your abuser called you a bitch or cusses you out every night when you come home from work. You can't call the cops because he talks about your appearance or makes you feel less than yourself. Emotional abuse takes a toll on you and once your abuser sees that they can get away with that emotional abuse and you stop fighting back they turn to physical abuse. Let me repeat that....EMOTIONAL ABUSE LEADS TO PHYSICAL ABUSE. Look at the signs. If you are a victim of emotional abuse be careful. Be aware. Have a safety plan. Emotional abuse is a window to physical abuse and if you don't stop it now it CAN get worse. 

These classes are extremely helpful and I suggest anyone who is suffering from any type of abuse EVEN emotional to go check them out. 

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