Friday, April 15, 2016

Beards and Pretty Vaginas

Interesting conversation this week, as always.  I kind of got a little annoyed with the facial hair conversation though.  Why do boys in middle school/high school have to shave their facial hair?  I am not one to share my thoughts and opinions, but here it goes:

  • Boys should shave their facial hair in school because at that point in their development, they cannot grow a full beard and the patchiness of it looks like they have a touch of the mange.  They just need to wait a few more years until it will come in more full and actually look decent.
    • My man has a full beard and I LOVE IT, but his brother can't grow one to save his life.  It looks horrible- almost like a teenage boy trying to grow facial hair for the first time!
  • IN THE REAL ADULT WORLD, (you know when you go to get a real job and whatnot) employers are probably going to hire someone who looks a little more clean shaven or at least presentable.  Why not try to start that trend in high school?  Let's get a head start on your professional self.  (This could totally be a generation things, but clean shaven/ groomed facial hair is better than just letting it grow wild and splotchy.)
  • When you can grow a beard like Nick Offerman- Have at it Bro..
  • These are just my thoughts about children growing facial hair.  I understand people are in charge of their bodies and should be able to decide how they want to look and present themselves, but WE DO live in a society that really likes people being groomed in the workplace.  Just wait a little bit longer, until you get out of school, and then roll with it.  Be a man then.  But for EVERYONE's sake----- DON'T GROW THE MUSTACHE ALONE.  It is just creepy.

On another note (Please don't judge me for this)-  I was doing something on the computer today doing some work and the TV was on.  So I was sitting there doing things and not really paying attention to what was happening on the TV when I hear "I want to get vaginal reconstruction... BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T WANT A PRETTY VAGINA?"   That immediately made me look up to see that what was actually playing in the background was Atlanta Plastic.  (Again- don't judge me.  I was not consciously watching the show.)
So that got me to thinking... "What is a pretty vagina?"  We have learned that vaginas all look different (or the labias).  It was just funny to start thinking about "pretty vaginas."  Is that a real thing?  It's like if anyone watches The League.  Apparently Kevin has a pretty penis.  Again.. not sure what that means.  I mean sure, some definitely look better than others, but it is just a fun concept.  Pretty penis and pretty vagina.  HUUUMMMMM.....

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