Sunday, April 17, 2016


I can't believe how quickly the semester has gone by this class has been one of my favorite classes by far. I really enjoyed how open the conversation was, having panels, and getting to write blogs and a sexual autobiography that really helped us express our ideas and views on the things that we are learning as well as sexuality as a whole. i'm always talking to my friends about this class and they agree that it sounds like so much fun and I don't think that I'll ever have a class that structured like this again but it was definitely such a fun experience. so I just want to kind of give a thank you to everyone for making this semester so great and so interesting I love getting to hear everyone's stories and read everyone's blogs it's just really interesting because a lot of times in these classes were not able to connect with her. But with the activities and the way that this class is set up I feel that we really got to know each other and it was just a really safe space where we could share our opinions thoughts and ideas.

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