Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Class on Wednesday

I personally thought the phone call wasn't that bad. For something planned kind of on the fly it was alright! I think what others said in class about organizing it more like a panel is  a good idea for future in-class phone calls!

I'm glad we ended up talking about dress code and how there aren't many male teachers with younger children because of that sort of idea that men are predators and stuff. I too know a daycare that doesn't like to have male workers because they say it's "unsafe" and it always makes me angry when they try to explain the reason to me. The dress code stuff really gets to me and I had honestly forgotten all of that but now I'm just remembering all the crazy stuff my school had that got so out of hand with skirts, shorts, facial hair that by the time I was graduating my high school was debating uniforms. I still to this day don't understand why I wasn't able to show my shoulders or we had to have four fingers or more in width for short-sleeved shirts. 

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