Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Final Blog

I can not believe this semester already coming to and end. Seems like only yesterday we stepped into this class not knowing what to expect. While I am definitely not in my comfort zone, I have enjoyed this class greatly and it has opened my eyes to so many knew perspectives I would have never thought of. I liked how we talked about dating violence in class yesterday and what a healthy relationship should look like. I think a lot of people just kind of "take it" because they don't think they will find anybody better. My heart truly goes out to anybody in a bad relationship and I wish for them to have enough strength to realize it and leave. I think dating violence is a topic that needs more light shed on it and to be talked about more to raise awareness about it. People need to realize that it is not ok and healthy to be in this kind of relationship. I feel like we had a good discussion yesterday in class and I loved talking through those different scenarios to see what a real life example would look like.

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