Friday, April 29, 2016

Final Blog

For my final blog, I'll just do a little reflection on the class and my thoughts on the subject. Going into this class I already knew I would be really interested in the topic because I've taken another sexuality class and loved it. I've also considered working in the field of sex therapy, so I was already interested in the subject. What made this class really enjoyable though, was the professor. I feel like Professor Stone made the class so much more interesting and was just overall a great professor. She was hilarious and always really open to hearing the students share, which is a great quality in a professor. As for the material, there wasn't a single chapter I didn't like! Maybe because the subject interests me so much, but I actually enjoyed studying and learned a lot of interesting info from the textbook. And the panel component of the class was very interesting and informative as well. Overall, I'm really glad I took this class and always suggest it to FCD students to take.

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