Thursday, April 28, 2016

Final Blog

The activity we did on the last day of class was really eye opening and emotional for me. It really was a great way of learning to not judge a person by their looks or identity. The first activity that we did made us realize that who we are does not affect the way we walk. When being asked to walk like different identities our walk did not change, we all walk one foot in front of the other. The way a person walks is no big deal, everybody still ends up where they want to get to. The second activity showed us that we are all different but someone else can be going through the same thing you are. It was rare when somebody crossed the line alone, and that showed us that we are not alone. Somebody goes through the same thing you do, a lot of the times it is just not shown.
When I first signed up for this class it was because I needed an elective and didn't think much about it. I really enjoyed this class more than any other class I took this semester, I learned so much that is actually useful and I felt safe to express feelings because it was somewhere that everybody did so too and it felt like everybody was just good listeners around. The panels were a great way of showing and giving examples of real life stories. Overall, I really would recommend this class to anybody, it was a class that I actually looked forward to.

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