Friday, April 8, 2016

   I have absolutely loved every panel we've had so far, but Wednesday's panel was my favorite by far.  The first thing about the panel was that I was I suprised by Caitlyn since I've had her on a few of my family and child development classes. Second I loved how the panel was very talkative and completely open about their lives and experiences and they were all around the most fun of the panels to talk to. I thought Meagan was completely awesome and amazing, and a very very good public speaker. I would be lying if I said she didn't intrigue me into her lifestyle. I also loved Caitlyn's take away, and I think it's very relevent to express how people in the BDSM and kinky community are no different than everyone else. You could have so many co workers and even friends that you have no idea what they're into behind close doors. All in all I have found these panels to be more than helpful and insightful, it gives a great first hand look into all of these people's personal lives and makes these situations seem more normal to people who maybe couldn't understand their side in the beginning. I have learned more in these panels then I have in most classes!

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