Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Losing Faith.

I also wanted to talk about the response we got from the panelists about faith.
That one hit hard and made me cry.
I understand how hard it is to keep faith in the worst of times.
Or times when you pray over and over and the situation remains in the dark.

But I wanted to say today was that yes, you may have stayed in that situation, but now you're here with a story to tell others. God has given you a voice to speak out and a story to help others get away.

I know in the Bible it says God hates divorce, and that's probably what her mother reads, but I can't see any church outcasting someone who leaves this husband after being abused.

And if anything, there are more verses about God loving you no matter what.

I am a Christian and it hurts my heart to see someone's faith damaged.
As I've gone through school I've seen that faith be lost in so many.
I respect everyone and accept anyone with their own spirituality.
But it still hurts when I see someone who thinks God has failed them.

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