Friday, April 15, 2016

I'm just rambling

Soo, it's been a pretty chill week in class.

I thought the phone call activity was ok, yes it could've been better, but it wasn't the worst thing ever & it was a great idea. I loved the unique names for her kids and enjoyed doing something different like that in class.

When hearing about men in the care-taking business I immediately thought of my mother. She is the head director of a child care facility back home & does all the hiring and firing. She has a few men who she has hired and tells me how they are great with the kids and the kids love  them. She doesn't see  them as a threat and apparently neither does the parents of  those kids who are being taking care of by those men because they've had no complaints (yet). It's just great to know that not every one feels negatively about males and children.

And about the dres code stuff.. I HATED that in high school! No ripped jeans, no tights/yoga pants if you were "too curvy" (how unreasonable and unfair is that), no facial hair, shorts over the knee, no "crazy" hair, no visible tats and piercings, the list goes on and it was all stupid to me. 

I was soo nervous when she said we did bad on the test bc I thought I did pretty ok.. and I ended up doing good. AND she moved the experimental activity due date AND is allowing us to do more experiments for extra credit (& I'm so grateful bc I couldn't make it to any of the movie nights)

So I'm definitely satisfied (:

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