Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hit like a girl

In class on Wednesday we  had talked about how many of the insults to men were women related. This makes women seem inferior to men and not as desirable a sex as men. It reminded me of a really nice commercial that the brand always did that showed what it should really mean when someone says "hit like a girl." In the commercial its evident that we are socialized to thinking that hitting like a girl should be characteristics of something weak.

Today the panel today did such an amazing job educating us and giving us advice on how to help others who may be experiencing violence and abuse. Its very hard for people to talk about something so personal so i applaud them for helping bring more awareness to the issue. It was definitely a very emotional day and the crying from one of the panel members teared me up. I also  didn't realize how many of my own classmates knew someone that experienced some sort of violence or had experienced the violence themselves. It was very eye opening to see that its sort of everywhere.    

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