Friday, April 29, 2016

It's bittersweet

We are so close to finishing this semester and it definitely feels bittersweet. I have come to appreciate this class and the diversity of people in it. This class has taught me things that I don't think i would get in other classes. I've got to say that in all my years in college this has got to be my favorite class and its probably due to the carefree nature of Mrs. Stone. I love her teaching style and her humorous nature. She really allowed us to speak our mind and created an environment that was free of judgement. This allowed a lot of our classmates to show us their vulnerable side which can be very hard to do in a room full of strangers. I have come to appreciate and respect my peers and the hardships and struggles that many of them have endured.

The activity in class Wednesday reminded me of the movie Freedom Writers ( really great movie, would recommend). I was alone on 2 of the things Mrs.Stone called out and while i felt lonely i came to recognize that my uniqueness is something that will allow me to contribute something different to society. The last day was really a great way to end the semester. 

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