Friday, April 22, 2016

It's easy to ask when it's not you.

Monday's activity was cool.. what society considers how a lady should act definitely makes me a man.

The things we wrote for each side "think like a man", "act like a lady" were true though. Those things are the exact expected gender roles this society places on us.

Wednesday. Wow. It was sooo emotional, so much passion, and hurt throughout the room. I really enjoyed the panel. Just like one of the guys from the panel said I may not have gone through that but I know someone who has and even just hearing the panelists and classmates stories was tear jerking and my sympathy goes out to everyone.

It was very insightful and sometimes I wish the whole school could listen in on our panels because people are so quick to judge with no understanding.

"Why didn't you leave?!" is an annoying question even for me and it's very inconsiderate for someone to ask anyone that.

"Why didn't you leave your good for nothing boyfriend or girlfriend?" "Why did you take your girlfriend or boyfriend back after they cheated on you?" "Why do you still hang around that friend who back stabbed you?"

It's easy to ask when it's not you.

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