Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kinsey Film and Panel

The Kinsey film definitely catch me by surprised, in a good way. I did not expect it to be as entertaining to watch as it was. Going in i thought it was going to be a documentary type film, which it was not, it was an actual movie with actors i knew about. I enjoyed watching it a the beginning, how they were conducting research and how Kinsey was helping other couples with their problems, and answering their curious questions. However, as the film went on I got mixed feelings. I understand what Kinsey was trying to do but i feel like he made the research his whole life. 

The panel this weeks was by far the most informative and entertaining to hear about. I went in with an open mind, i did not know what to expect. I liked how all the panelist were opened about all subjects, and were very knowledgeable about the subject. At the beginning when they were introducing them selves i was so lost, so many terms that i was unfamiliar with. All the panelist did a good job explaining. 

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