Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kinsey Film

I was honestly not a big fan of the film because my morals did not line up with it at all. I loved at the beginning when married couples were coming to him with questions and that he helped them understand that their problems were normal. As the movie went on though I found that he got obsessed with his work and I felt that he took it too far. Especially when he cheated on his wife and made it sound like we were made to just sleep around with different people. I could not understand or agree with him and I felt that their idea of "open relationships" were kind of sad to me. I understand that other people have different morals then me and I am trying my hardest not to judge. I just think that his wife changed her beliefs to match his ideas. You could see that their group got kind of dramatic because sex got confused with emotions. One guy's wife wanted to leave him for someone else in the group. Kinsey acted like everyone should just be having sex and that it was easy not to feel emotions. One guy even said "we can't all be like you." Overall, I just found the movie a little dark and was not super impressed.

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